3 Things to Consider when Choosing your Bridesmaid Dress

Now that you have found your dream dress and have carefully selected your group of girls to be your bridesmaids, the next step is another gown journey: the quest for the perfect bridesmaid dress. Selecting the look for your bridesmaids is just one of the many to-dos before the big day. It is easy to get caught up in what you want, but there are definitely a handful things to keep in mind – and not just for you. Below are three things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses.


Plan in advance Don’t wait until the last minute to get your bridal party look together. Bridesmaid dresses typically take four to six months to get in, so it’s typically recommended that bridal parties get their attire sorted six to eight months prior to the wedding date to ensure that everything comes in on time and any necessary alterations can be made. If you’re at the six-month point right now, call up your local bridal shop and check what the ship dates are, and plan a day with your bride tribe!


Be conscious of time and cost Being a bridesmaid is just as important part of the wedding as anything else, but can be time consuming and costly. Remember, you are asking them to go on the wedding dress search, fittings, bachelorette and engagement parties, buy presents and their bridesmaid gown, take time from their own schedules and spend lots of money. Make sure you don’t assume your girls have an open budget when it comes to the dresses you wish them to purchase.


There are plenty of designers out there that carry cost-friendly gowns that are still beautiful and comfortable and will work for your wedding. Bill Levkoff, the bridesmaid designer carried at our Sacramento salon, just came out with the #Levkoff line of $150 bridesmaid gowns that will keep everyone happy. Bonus points if you’re able to choose a color or style that they’ll be able to wear again!


What is the Wedding Vision? Is it going to be summer on the sunny San Diego beach? Is it going to be in the cooler forest of Truckee in the fall? Maybe it will be a rustic glam-themed wedding at a restored mansion? Whatever it is, remember there are many attributes to consider for your bridesmaid gown: your bridesmaids are of different shapes, sizes, complexions, and respond differently to different climates and themes. When going shopping, make sure to consider everyone including yourself (or your vision). Provide your girls with a idea of the look you want (Pinterest is your best friend!) When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, it is certainly not one style fits all. One the biggest fears of being a bridesmaid is being forced to wear a bridesmaid dress that is unflattering.


Pro Tip: Let your bridesmaids try on different styles and see what they are comfortable with, go two girls at a time if there are more than three bridesmaids.


No matter where you are shopping, all bridal stores recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Not only will we be able to reserve a dressing room for you, you will have a stylist dedicated to your appointment. Our stylists will reach out to you beforehand to get to know you and your wedding vision so that they may pick out some bridesmaids gowns just for your girls to try on.