3 Tips to Dress Shopping in 2020

If you just got engaged, congratulations! With the start of a New Year and the passing of multiple holidays, the peak engagement season is soon coming to an end and leading into the beginning of another wonderful wedding season. Here at La Soie Bridal it’s our favorite time of the year, because it will turn into peak shopping season for bridal gowns and there is nothing we love more than helping a bride find her dream gown!

To start the new year off right, we have three tips to shopping in 2020!

  1. Have a game-plan!

What do we mean when we say this? Plan when you want to shop, what local boutiques and how much you want to spend during the wedding dress shopping experience. Every boutique has many different designers and price points. If you are looking for something specific, make sure they carry what you want, and if their price point fits your budget. We recommend only shopping two to three boutiques, it can get overwhelming if you overdo it on the shopping, and most likely you’ll find your dream gown at one of those three boutiques!

Extra Tip: Have a Summer 2020 wedding? It’s crunch time so don’t forget to ask about delivery dates. Hoping to catch a good sale? Look for trunk shows (we explain what those are here) a lot of designers offer great discounts if you buy during the trunk show! Have family in town for a few more days? Call your local boutique to see if they can squeeze you into their busy schedule, especially if it’s the weekend.

  1. Have an open mindset!

This is a tip we’ll give every day, every month and every year simply because it’s the best and most relevant advice we can give! We know there is a lot of magazine articles, blogs and instagrams that are telling you what styles are in for 2020 and it’s okay to read them and take note! However, a lot of those writers and bloggers haven’t directly worked with brides (either ever or in a very, very, very long time!)

Your stylists, especially at La Soie Bridal, have a great understanding of the gowns and what each bride is looking for. They can take what details you want and bring you a silhouette you never thought you would choose, but somehow it works! Many brides who have an open mindset going in to their appointment enjoy their dress shopping experience because they get to be present with their loved ones and really take in the beauty of finding the gown they’ll say yes to (and eventually leave the boutique having said yes to the dress!) Be like those brides- be present, enjoy your experience, and say yes to your dress without all the stress.

  1. Be honest

Be honest with yourself, be honest with your loved ones, and be honest with your stylist! If you don’t like something say it. If you aren’t ready to shop yet, don’t start (unless you have a wedding in less than 6 months – definitely start now!). Feeling regret when shopping is far worse than thinking you hurt feelings. Trust us, you didn’t and they’ll appreciate your honesty!