7 Things to Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping!

Rows and rows of wonderful white fabrics and runway-worthy silhouettes, this is the fun part – dress shopping! Here at La Soie Bridal, we want the dress shopping experience to be as stress-free as possible. We know that shopping for the gown is just as much fun as it is daunting and scary. The last thing we want is your dress shopping experience to turn into something out of that Bridesmaids movie scene. So we’ve compiled a list of seven things to know before you go  wedding dress shopping!


  1. Research + Educate yourself

Before coming into your appointment, educate yourself and do research! Don’t spend all your time researching, but it can be helpful to understand the different silhouettes and styles. Your consultant will ask you questions about the look you are trying to achieve and the way you want to feel on your wedding day, so be prepared to answer.


  1.  Set your budget

This is one of the most important points on the list. Make sure you have a good gauge of how much you want to spend before trying on gowns. You may want to discuss this with your fiancé (or whoever may be paying for the gown) so that way you can set a maximum budget you’re comfortable spending, before even booking your bridal appointment. Like many other salons, we ask about budget when booking the appointment to make sure we pick within your budget. Also, don’t forget to factor in other costs like alterations and accessories.


  1. Give yourself time

Set your wedding date or have a close estimate of when the big day is. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to find the right one so your decision is never rushed. Our dresses take about 4-8 months to be handmade and we give 3 months for alterations. We recommend starting the dress hunt at around 10 months prior to your wedding, but a year is even better. We do offer an expedited process with a rush fee, but it’s better to give yourself as much time as you need to find that perfect dress!


  1.  Don’t go Pinterest-crazy

It can be easy to get lost in the vortex of Pinterest and lose sight of what you truly love! You may not know it, but your stylist can get a feeling of what you’re thinking just from a quick look at your pins. Yes, please bring photos but don’t overload your consultant with a thousand boards of different silhouettes. This can get overwhelming for you and you can be disappointed when the gowns don’t look the same as they do on the models!


  1. Trust your instincts, but also trust your consultant!

Your consultant is trained to listen and know what you love and don’t love, and they will encourage you to try gowns that are out of your comfort zone, especially if this is your first stop. But they want to hear from you and will ask confirming questions, so don’t be afraid to answer honestly. Sometimes, saying no to dresses can be hard because they are all so pretty, but that doesn’t mean they are “THE” dress.


  1. Don’t let bridal sizing scare you, it won’t be your street size.

Bridal sizes are tiny. Don’t get down if the gown you’re trying on is a much bigger size than you normally wear. It’s not you. It’s the dress. Really.


  1. Come ready to commit, but don’t force it

When the right one comes along, you’ll know it. It sounds like a cliché, we know, but, it is so true. If you’re not feeling it, don’t let mom’s tears on the sideline talk you into the wrong gown. On the other hand, if it is the one, don’t feel like you have to walk away and think about it. Go for it!