How to Safely Pack Your Dress for a Destination Wedding

The big day is just around the corner! However, getting around the corner to your destination wedding can be logistically nerve-racking when it comes to getting your dress there safely. Whether you are headed to an exotic island, a snowy ski lodge, or back to your hometown, transporting your dress should be a breeze. Here are a few tips for packing your dress!

  1. Designate your Dress Bodyguard:

The number one choice for this job, ideally, should be you, the bride! If you have too much going on, you can always have someone that you trust be your dress’s bodyguard. This can be a parent, sibling, bridesmaid, etc. Having someone’s eyes on the dress at all times is crucial!  

  1. Have the Right “Luggage”

Anytime you take your dress anywhere, make sure you have a proper garment bag to transport your dress. These bridal garment bags are meant to take a hit! Keeping your dress in a bridal garment bag, zipped all the way up, and stored in a safe place is ideal for safe travels. Just remember that your garment bag counts as a carry-on if you’re flying, so pack wisely!

  1. Practice Packing and Unpacking Your Dress

As they say, “practice make perfect!” I always tell my brides when packing your dress into its garment bag, place the front of your dress to the back of the bag. This way, if anything were to happen to the dress, the front of the dress is safe! The other piece of advice I tell brides: anytime you are unzipping or zipping up your garment bag, be sure to hold the zipper with your index and thumb but allow your other three to rest on the inside of the bag as you pull the zipper up and down. That way, as you are opening and closing your garment bag, your fingers are skimming along the dress as opposed to the zipper being exposed, leaving your dress vulnerable to the zipper snagging any material.

  1. Give your Dress the Best Seat in the House!

If you will be driving to your venue, be sure to have your dress in its garment bag either lying completely flat in the trunk or across the back seat of your car. The reason being that your dress was most likely given a good final steam before you took your dress out of the boutique or alterations shop. Some bags are capable of folding in half and hooking a loop to the hanger, however you run the risk of wrinkling your freshly pressed gown. For brides that will be flying, we highly recommend you carry your dress onto your flight. Checking your dress could result in it being lost or placed on a different flight and shipping your dress through postage runs the same risk of becoming lost. Either place your dress in its garment bag above you in an overhead bin or ask one of your flight attendants to stow your dress in the captain’s closet, they would be happy to assist a blushing bride!