#LaSoieBride: Nikki + Tom

La Soie Bridal is excited to announce that our first featured #LaSoieBride of the New Year is Nicolette Bondura Arstingstall! 

Nikki visited us back in January 2018 and knew coming in what her dream gown would be! She fell in love with the Hayley Paige Lorelei gown and never looked back. On October 27th, 2018 Nikki and Tom tied the knot at Edgewood Tahoe for a dreamy, romantic day. Read through below to see Nikki’s favorite part of wedding dress shopping, tips for brides planning their weddings and more!

1. Before shopping at La Soie, what emotions did you feel going into that first Bridal appointment? I was so excited going into my first bridal appointment. While attending Sacramento State, I used to get fro yo next door (now the pilates studio) and stare at the dresses as I walked by. I always told myself I’d shop at La Soie for my big day. I fell in love with the Hayley Paige Lorelei gown when it came out and as fate would have it, La Soie is the only bridal salon in Sacramento to carry Hayley Paige!

2. What is the best piece of advice you can offer in preparing for that first appointment? Go into it with an open mind. Even though I did get my dream dress, it was so much fun trying on different styles and silhouettes. Also, don’t do any crazy diets or cleanses before the appointment. Nourish your body with healthy foods and drink lots of water but you want to enjoy the process, not be starving and about to pass out! Your fiance wants to marry you for who you are right now, always remember that. 

3. How did you know the gown you selected was the one? I made sure to try on the Lorelei gown last just in case it wasn’t as great on me as I envisioned. There were even a couple dresses that made me think twice about getting the Lorelei, but once I tried it on I knew it was the one. Go in with an open mind but go with your gut – you will know when it’s the one just like your fiance!  

4. What was the best part of planning your wedding? My favorite parts were picking the venue, the dress, and the vendors. I am pretty decisive and know what I want so we went with the first venue, photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator, DJ, florist, and baker we met with. However, do your research and know what you want ahead of time! We were able to book them so quickly because I asked around for recommendations, had a distinct vision, and clicked with the vendors when we met in person. One thing I didn’t like were the little decor details so I let my mom, wedding coordinator, and florist handle it after I told them the style I wanted. My best piece of advice – hire a wedding or day of coordinator, good DJ, and offer lots of booze. No one will remember the little things, but a good DJ and alcohol can turn a wedding into a PARTY! 

5. Looking back at your wedding day, what was your favorite moment? Everything! I love how many personal touches we had at our wedding – I spent every summer at Edgewood Tahoe, I wore my grandmother’s necklace, my mom bought my perfume, my husband and his dad and brother built the arch, we used my grandmother’s decor windows for signs, my mom and mother in law bought and made a lot of the decor…I feel like everything I looked at was made with love. There is so much build up to the day and then it goes in the blink of an eye. One thing I did during the ceremony was look out at all of our family and friends – I’ll have that mental snapshot in my mind forever. All of the speeches, first dance, and dance floor were amazing. The dance party was so much fun, but getting to go back to the hotel room at Edgewood and stay up all night talking about how amazing our wedding was with my new husband was also the best part.