Self-Care 101 for the Stressed-Out Bride

Let’s be honest, wedding planning can take a toll on all of us, no matter how well planned out everything is. Here at La Soie Bridal, we have met our fair share or stressed-out brides-to-be, and it’s understandable – you still have your life outside of wedding planning to deal with. However, don’t let yourself become a stress ball before your wedding! Your stylists at La Soie Bridal try to make every experience you have in our boutiques as stress free as possible, so today were tackling some of our best tips and tricks to keep the stress at bay when we can’t be there to help!

Taking care of yourself is vital not only to your physical health but your mental health as well. Planning a wedding is a stressful experience and although you will have your partner to lean on when times get hectic, it is important to make time for yourself while planning. Self-care does not need to take a ton of time or money either! It can be as simple as taking time to make yourself a cup of tea before sitting down and making the dreaded seating arrangement or taking the day off to relax and enjoy you and your honey. Below are La Soie Bridal’s five fave ways of kicking stress out the door.

  1. Take a deep breath – Yes, I’m not kidding. Take a deep breath, like a really deep inhale. Count to three. Then exhale. When you’re starting to feel stressed, and your body feels strained, breathing exercises have been shown to reduce anxiety and lower stress levels and bring oxygen to your brain that can clear your mind and allow you to refocus on the main goal – whatever the main goal of the day is for you.
  2. Fill you home with essential oils – Our brains distinguish aromas as positive or negative, and scents have a powerful way of guiding our emotions. Fill your home with calming scents like lavender and eucalyptus to promote well-being 24/7 (Tip: light them during your breathing exercises to uplift you emotionally)
  3. Take a walk- Exercise really is one of the easiest ways to ease your body and mind from stress. No, it doesn’t have to be intense soul cycling, it can be as simple as taking a walk down your block and around. Or you can take it up a notch and go for a hike, turn your phone off and enjoy the world around you.
  4. Do face masks – Places like Target and Sephora always have budget-friendly face masks and you def need to take advantage of it! Make yourself a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea, relax and let your mind wander and your body ease., and give yourself permission to do this at least once a week, or on days that seemed like nothing would go right.
  5. Go on a date! – Sometimes couples tend to get caught up in the whirlwind of planning and often forget why they’re getting married – because they love each other! Spend some time remembering why this wedding matters. Double down on reasons why you’re marrying this person – it can help you work through any problems because he forgot to return the florist’s call. Remember who this wedding is for, and take time out of your schedule to celebrate your love!