Trunk Shows: What You Need to Know

What Is a Trunk Show?

Looking for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting and fun parts of planning your wedding. Attending a trunk show can really up the excitement! A trunk show is a special event held at a wedding salon where a designer or its representative presents its bridal collection. This is a great opportunity for a bride to view and try on wedding dresses by a specific designer she has her heart set on.

Why Attend a Trunk Show?

This is exciting because most salons only carry a handful of designs by a specific designer. At a trunk show, you’ll be able to browse more of your favorite designs – sometimes before they are even available in bridal salons! Most likely, some of the dresses you’ve been eyeing on the internet or the designer’s instagram will be from the designer’s newest collection, and you’ll get a chance to try them on first. This is the perfect time to purchase your gown, because most designers allow for certain custom changes and may offer special pricing and incentives if you order during the trunk show. Found your favorite designer at your local salon and scheduled an appointment for their trunk show already? Well here are some tips to know before coming in and saying yes to the dress!

  1. Do some research – Begin by browsing your favorite designer’s website to get a sense of which styles appeal to you, then make sure to call your local salon that carries this designer to make sure that the specific dresses will be coming in; it’s best to call the week before or week of the show since salons will know for sure which gowns they’ll have at the trunk show by then.
  1. Plan accordingly – Most trunk shows take place January through August, since that is the busiest part of bridal season. Trunk shows do take place year round however it might not be in your town or nearby for a while. Most trunk show pieces are usually new collections and will usually have a longer order time than older designs, so make sure you’re not waiting until the last minute to order a gown you might not be able to get in time!
  1. Be prepared – You might find “the one” so be open to making a purchase to take advantage of possible trunk show discounts. You can look forward to receiving special incentives so bring whoever is instrumental in making your final decision. However, don’t feel pressured to make a decision if you aren’t 100% convinced, most shows are usually there for two ways, so you can always come back the next day and say yes.
  1. Don’t wait – Trunk Shows are usually by appointment only and fill up fast. So don’t wait to reserve your spot, and again they are usually over a weekend so come in early if you have to think before saying yes (and if you can’t keep the appointment, please be courteous and call to cancel.)
  1. You can try on others – If this is your first time trying and you’re wondering if you can try on other designs the answer is YES! Salons are more than happy for you to try on other designers if the trunk show gowns aren’t exactly what you want. Most salons offer some type of incentive even if you purchase from a different designer or get accessories with your trunk show gown, so don’t hesitate to ask!


So what are you waiting for! All bridal gown designers have trunk show calendars on their websites for you plan your search. You can also go to our Events page to find what trunk shows will be coming to a La Soie Bridal soon!