Wedding Dress Sample Sale: What is it?

This month, our Sacramento and Pasadena bridal boutiques are holding our annual spring sample sale.  In honor of one our favorite months, were explaining what our spring sample sale is all about!

So you still haven’t found your dream wedding dress, but have your gown vision and wedding budget set? Then broaden your horizons to a wedding dress sample sale. At La Soie Bridal we offer dresses up to 75% off regular price, starting as low as $399 and up from there. Yeah, you heard me, $399 and up!  Sample sales are especially beneficial for brides in a time crunch or with a short engagement since you’re buying straight from the rack. At other shops, sometimes this experience can be hectic or crowded, but La Soie still takes appointments as normal and spends quality one-on-one time with the brides, getting to know what they want exactly! This means no makeshift dressing rooms or overcrowded show rooms. However, you do want to act fast as we do get booked up for these sample sales!

The frequency and inventory of sample sales depends on the bridal designer or boutique, with some hosting semi-annual discounts to clear out their inventory and make room for new gowns, so be on the lookout for upcoming sales near you.  To get the most out of your dress hunting experience, we asked our stylists from both stores to weigh in on how to shop a sample sale and find the dress of your dreams!  You’ll be the most prepared bride for our May sample sale!

  1. Do your research

 Never go into a sample sale blind. Have a style that you like in mind before you come in. As we mentioned earlier, La Soie treats this appointment as a regular bridal appointment and your stylist will still ask the style and silhouette that you are going for. If you love a certain designer, research before and call the salon to see if any of the designer’s gowns will be a part of the sample sale.

  1. Go dress shopping beforehand

You should go to a sample sale when you have a silhouette and style narrowed down. This can potentially save you from going to a sample sale that may not have a lot of variation in terms of gown selection. You may also find “the one” on that day and it will be so much easier to say “Yes!” when you know you have tried on and narrowed down your style beforehand.

  1. Be prepared to buy

Sample sales at La Soie Bridal means sample gowns are final sale. So be 100% sure before your splurge. Like many other boutiques and showrooms, there are no returns or refunds and most of the time, there’s only one sample of that style, so you’ll need to act fast. Most importantly, only buy a dress if it can be altered realistically to your size or specifications for what you want. Always ask your stylist how a gown can be altered. At La Soie, all gowns are looked at before being placed on the sale rack to ensure they can handle alterations. Our store sample gowns vary in size from a 10 to a 16, but be open to looking outside your size for a gown that can be sized down. (Tip: When doing your research make sure to call salons and ask about sizing before booking).

  1. Inspect the gown

Because you’re buying at least nine to 12-month-old inventory that’s already been tried on by previous brides (as opposed to ordering a brand new custom gown), some dresses might have a bit of wear and tear. Before you commit, look over the dress for any damages. They should be in good condition, but they are used, so look over and see if they have any spots. We suggest looking underneath the armpit, the train, the hem, the side seams, and the zipper.  However also understand because the gowns do not look exactly like the original, this is why they are discounted and on the sales rack, which also means extra alterations may be required to make it how you exactly want.

  1. Know your budget

At La Soie, we often find that brides always write down one budget, but can usually push the budget depending on if the gown is the one or not. So know your budget ahead of time and how much you are really willing to spend, and make sure to factor in you’ll have to buy a garment bag and may have to pay for dry cleaning if the hem or the train is dirty.  You’ll want to ask yourself how much you want to spend because gowns go pretty fast, and you might not have time to think if you want to spend that amount or not.

  1. Have an Open Mind

Despite not having the same experience as ordering a custom gown and having to sort through racks of dresses, keep an open mind and be creative as you shop sample sales. You never know what you might find and let your stylist choose some different styles for you, if you feel like you’re not absolutely loving everything you’re trying on. Here at La Soie Bridal, our bridal stylists are trained to listen and observe for details you may not realize you are looking for, so trust them!

Now that you have all the insider tips on how to shop a sample sale, make your appointment with us today to find your dream gown at a great price! Pasadena and Sacramento will be holding their sample sales until the end of May, so act now!