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What to Expect When Going to a Bridal Shop

So you’ve got the man, the ring, the venue, and now the last but not least important detail is the wedding dress. You’ve watched every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” and have your favorite grandma coming in the Saturday after next to help pick your dream gown. But before you step into a salon, you should know what to expect. Your favorite stylists at La Soie Bridal have come up with a list of very important things to know before saying yes.

  1. Be prepared to try on lots of dresses – even styles you don’t think you’ll like. The most important way to be prepared for an appointment is to go in with an open mind. Even if you’re sure that you can’t pull of an A-line, try one on. Wedding dresses aren’t like your normal wear. They are structured and tailored for different body types; no dress fits each bride the same. What works for your figure might surprise you and more often than not, brides go with a dress that differs from the picture they brought in. So trust your stylist and try on everything they bring you.
  2. You’re not going to try on dresses in your sizes – brides come in all different shapes and sizes and its too hard to carry all different sizes of the same sample gown. Dresses aren’t made to individual measurements so even if it fit perfectly, there will still be something that doesn’t fit quite perfect (this is why alterations are always required). Most likely, you’ll be trying on dresses bigger or smaller than your normal size. To give you a sense of what it will look like in the perfect fit for your body, your stylist will clamp the dress in shape to your body. It’s not perfect, but you’ll have to imagine what the dress will feel and look like in your size.
  3. You’ll definitely be getting naked in front a stranger! Yes, you might be braless at some point in the appointment, but bridal stylists are the embodiment of professionalism and are trained to see naked people everyday (they have seen everything, honey!) So don’t panic, they’ll never make you feel awkward about stripping down to try on gowns and by the fourth dress you’ll forget you’re naked and chatting about all the bouquet designs you have to choose from.
  4. You might not cry – and that’s okay! Your mom and entourage might not cry either, that’s also okay! You’ve watched every episode of “Say Yes…” and they cry every time, but think how many takes they had to do that and all the eye drops it took to get that one “special” shot. Because you’ll be trying on gowns that don’t fit perfectly, it will be hard to really have that special moment. Most of the time brides just know it’s the one, and it’s more of a relieving moment and if there are tears, they are tears of relief and happiness. If you cry-that’s great! If you don’t, that doesn’t mean you haven’t found “the one”. Don’t put that pressure on yourself!
  5. Invite no more than three people – Again you’re spending at least half a day with them and maybe its your great grandma, mom, maid of honor, or mother-in-law. This is a special time for your loved ones and you, but when a bride brings her whole entourage and their opinions, it can turn to a stressful time. Oftentimes, she will not be able to make a decision and will come back on her own on another day.
  6. Bridal appointments are mentally and emotionally draining – Bridal appointments usually take about an hour and half, depending on the day of the week. Most stylists recommend only going to two or three appointments in one day, so you don’t over-saturate yourself in wedding gowns and forget what you even tried on. For the first time, make an appointment during the week if possible, or first thing in the morning on the weekend, when it’s the quietest. You’ll enjoy it more and be less stressed!


No matter where you are shopping, all bridal stores recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Not only will we be able to reserve a dressing room for you, you will have a stylist dedicated to your appointment. Our stylists will reach out to you beforehand to get to know you and your wedding vision so that they may pick out some wedding gowns just for you to try on!