Why you should choose the bridal boutique experience

As technology advances in the new decade, local businesses become a smaller community because of how much easier it can be to shop from the convenience of your home! This is especially true within the bridal industry. With instagram and pinterest, the endless amount of “online boutiques” just keeps growing and growing, but so are the horrible experiences from online shopping! We found so many brides who may have bought online only for it to turn out to be a total disaster and in the end, spend more time and money than they had initially planned.  So, don’t go far to find your dream wedding gown and have the most gratifying (and least aggravating) shopping experience.

After we’re done here, you won’t want to miss out on the experience shopping at local bridal boutique can give you!

A More Personalized Experience 

The most important reason that you should shop at local boutique is the experience you will receive. At our boutiques, we strive to give you an intimate, personalized experience that you can share with your family and friends where you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Shopping online or even a big box bridal brand can be a desensitized, sometimes chaotic ordeal. When embarking on one of the most emotionally-invested searches of your life (well, next to finding the partner you’re about to marry), it should be a personable and joyous occasion.

More importantly, there is a sentimental aspect to wedding dress shopping, and it just feels special to be close to the shop—you may even pop in on occasion after you buy your dress. A lot of our brides become friends and it’s super exciting when a former bride comes back in with a girlfriend, who is now getting married! For some of our brides, it’s a tradition to shop our boutique whenever a new girlfriend is newly engaged. Knowing that even after you are married, you can come back years later and still be treated with the same experience is priceless!

Build Relationships

Along with the intimate experience that you’ll receive, you’ll gain a trusted confidante in our stylists! In order to provide personalization to your appointment, our stylists have to know you on a personal level. No, we don’t need a whole life backstory, but we want to know your likes, things you hate, what you enjoy doing on your down time. You’ll have your own personal bridal stylist as a point of contact every step of the way.

You can also take this opportunity to build and establish a relationship with your stylist and management—creating an extra sense of confidence that they’re taking care of you, even when you’re not physically there. You entrust us to place and follow-up on your wedding dress order which requires months to create and deliver. That means if you have any concerns through the process, you’ll have someone who personally knows you and your wedding vision for peace of mind.

Advantage of Local Knowledge

Every bridal boutique is connected to a network of other industry professionals. As one of the first businesses you work with, we can offer you a fount of knowledge in regards to planning the rest of your wedding. The best thing about La Soie Bridal is that our stylists have deep roots in the industry and can provide you with the best advice of the to-do’s, to have’s and the what not’s. Shopping at a local salon could bear other fruits such as a local photographer, DJ, hair and makeup, or florist referrals. Saving you time, energy, stress and even money!

Supporting Local Businesses

La Soie will always be a huge advocate for shopping local instead of giving business to larger chain stores. Feeding local businesses in small communities keeps those communities thriving. There is so much history in our towns that should never be forgotten. Helping small businesses in these communities by shopping with them is a great way to keep these towns flourishing and not forgotten, while also boosting the local economy.

Ready to book an appointment with the most intimate bridal boutique in California? We’re ready to meet you and help you find your dream wedding dress!